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The Bald Hills higher summit(true summit) hike: is certainly worth the extra effort if your original plan was just to go to the Bald Hills hike lookout.

Hiking to Bald Hills High Summit in Jasper

Hiking Time Plan for an extra half an hour or more to enjoy the Bald Hills lookout/views. Possibly bring a snack, relax and take it all in. The Bald Hills summit is usually quite windy, so be prepared to be somewhat exposed.

Bald Hills Hike Summit
Overlooking the South at Bald Hills Higher Summit Hike.

Bald Hills Hike
To continue hiking on to the higher Bald Hills summits, you simply keep following the clear narrow hiking trail up.

Hikers Decending to Bald Hills Summit
After the first summit, you will hike down a basin and then back up again. Hikers descend down the basin from Bald Hills High summits.

hiking bald hills second summit
As mentioned on the previous page, your focus on the hiking path just before reaching the second Bald Hills summit should be at least somewhat on the horizon. The mountain edge will creep up on you and you will find yourself peering over an edge to very far below. If you have trouble with heights, this particular hiking section will require extreme caution.

A Marmot at the Bald Hills Hike
A Marmot or Whistler near Bald Hills Lookout.

Front View of the Bald Hills Hike
Hiking Bald Hills Jasper Front View from 2nd Summit.

Rear View of the Bald Hills Hike Summit
Bald Hills Jasper Hike rear view from the high Summit.

Be sure to be well rested, and have proper footwear, clothing, food and water while taking on the Bald Hills Summit Day Hike. This is a Jasper Hike not to be missed.

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