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Fryatt Valley's beautiful alpine hike is tucked into one of Jasper National Park's awesome mountain ranges. Fryatt Valley is considered rewarding jewel of a hike. You can camp at Brussels and explore the upper valley and beautiful Fryatt Lake on day two, or tackle the infamous headwall to the Alpine Club of Canada hut and the small hanging valley beyond.

Hiking Distance 35.4 km (Brussels), 44 km (ACC hut) round trip.
Hiking Time Fryatt Valley is generally a 2-3 day hike.

Getting to Fryatt Valley Trailhead from Jasper..

Drive the Icefields Parkway south towards Banff and turn right immediately after Jasper's Icefield park gate, onto Highway 93A.

Proceed on 93A for 24 km, then turn right onto the Geraldine Road. Fryatt Valley's hiking trailhead is 2 km up the road, on your left.

Getting to Fryatt Valley Trailhead from Banff..

Drive the Icefields Parkway north towards Jasper. Turning left at the junction to Highway 93A at Athabasca Falls, which is 200 km north of Lake Louise. Proceed for 2 km and then turn left onto Geraldine Road. The Fryatt Valley hiking trailhead is 2 km up the road, on your left.

The first 12 km of the hike to Lower Fryatt Campground is along and old fire road through the forest. During your hike, you will find amazing views over the Athabasca River Valley.

Hiking past the Fryatt campground, the trail will climb gradually through the forest for another 4 km before reaching an open U-shaped valley. The views from Brussels Campground, 6.1 km past Lower Fryatt, are absolutely stunning. Brussels campground is a great spot as a base for day trips in this area. 2 km past Brussels the hiking trail follows the shore of Fryatt Lake to the Headwall Campground, 3.4 km from Brussels. Headwall campground sits at the base of a beautiful waterfall.

From the waterfall, you can venture up the headwall, which is a steep 900-m hike to the upper Fryatt valley and the Sydney Vallance Hut (Alpine Club of Canada).

Additional Fryatt Valley Hiking Notes:
The first 11.7 km of this trail to the Lower Fryatt Campground can also be mountain biked. Experienced boaters can also cross the Athabasca River just south of the Goats and Glaciers Viewpoint on the Icefields Parkway, trimming 7 km off the Fryatt Valley hike. Please note that the Athabasca River is fast and cold. Cossing the Athabasca River requires experience in swift water canoeing, especially when water levels are high.

The Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) manages a beautiful hiking hut (Capacity 12) at the top of the headwall (km 22). The Sydney Vallance Hut can be booked by calling the ACC at 403-678-3200 or by emailing info(at)alpineclubofcanada.ca.

The Hike - Need to Know
Fryatt Valley can be hiked in the summer months and/or skied in the winter months. Fryatt Valley is a good choice for an early season hike and is great for day hikes as well. If you decide to venture to Fryatt Valley in the winter months be sure to check avalanche conditions, pack avalanche safety gear and practice no trace camping. Fryatt Valley can experience all types of weather conditions any time of the year. Hiking headwall is very steep and can be dangerous if you venture off the trail. Hike near the yellow markers and use them to backtrack if you lose sight of the hiking trail.

Fryatt Valley Campgrounds
Lower Fryatt Campground(Elevation: 1280 m)- This campground is located next to Fryatt Creek and a bridge crossing into Fryatt valley proper between mounts Christie and Fryatt. Bike access ends at this point. 4 campsites and a fire pit.

Brussels Campground (Elevation: 1715 m)- A forested campsite with amazing views at the beginning of a large rock slide. Brussels campground provides excellent access to the upper valley. 8 campsites and a fire pit

Headwall Campground(Elevation: 1780 m)- Headwall campground is situated at the base of impressive Headwall Falls. Headwall campground is a great spot for accessing the upper valley. 4 campsites and a fire pit.

Fryatt Valley Backcountry Camping Permits
A backcountry camping permit is mandatory for all overnight trips in Jasper National Park, and can be obtained online at reservations.pc.gc.ca or by calling 1877-737-3783.