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The Palisade Lookout Site is a grueling hike to a very dramatic viewpoint.

Hiking Palisade Lookout Site

Hiking Distance It is just over a 10 kilometer hike to the Palisade Lookout.
Hiking Time It will take anywhere from 3.5 hours to 6 hours to hike to the Palisade Lookout site, with a little less time on the return hike.

Getting to Palisade Lookout Site..

You can find the Palisade Lookout hiking trailhead by taking Connaught Drive to Cedar Avenue and going west two blocks. The street name changes to Pyramid Avenue, after two blocks becoming Pyramid Lake Road. Follow Pyramid Lake road 5.6 kilometers to the hiking parking area at the far end of Pyramid Lake Road.

The Palisade Lookout Site Hike..

Depending on your person, this hike may require lots of breaks for water and food.
Starting your hike from the far gate, follow the access road along the southeast shore of Pyramid Lake. Trail 2 branches right, but continue your hike on the road, going north and starting a stiff hike up. After hiking past the bridge just over Swift Creek, there is a slight opening on the right with a view of Colin Range mountains. Near the top of that small ridge that joins the Palisade and Pyramid Mountain, hike the old road to this lookout, which angles towards the right. The old road to the Palisade lookout is much rougher than the road you are hiking on. As you approach the Palisade lookout site, the hiking route becomes very steep. Leave lots of time for the return hike, as this can be a very tough hiking route up.

Bears have been known to frequent the Palisades areas at times, so please be Bear aware on Your hikes.

Palisades Lookout Hiking Trail Map

Palisades Lookout Trail Map