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Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook hike is a favourite. The view for the work performed is balanced in the view's favour.

Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook

Hiking Distance It is about 1.5 - 2.5km., to the lookouts.
Hiking Time It will take around 2 hours to enjoy this hike.

Getting to Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook..

The trailhead to Pyramid Overlook can be found by taking Connaught Drive to Cedar Avenue and going west two blocks. The street name changes to Pyramid Avenue. After two blocks it becomes Pyramid Lake Road, which you will follow, going 5.6 km to the parking area at the far end of Pyramid Lake Road.

Jasper Pyramid lake lookout hike

The Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook Hike..

The Pyramid Lake Lookout proceeds up to the Trail 2 sign. Stay on the main #2 hiking trail, which leads directly to the unsigned Pyramid Overlook at the summit. Continue on to the Athabasca Overlook by this hiking route as well, carrying on past the summit and descending slightly near the ridge. Continue hiking to the junction with trail 2A. Turn left and keep hiking on the main trail. Shortly, an obvious path will turn off right to Pyramid Stables, but keep hiking straight ahead. Shortly again, another route diverges left, but keep hiking straight ahead to the unmarked viewpoint at the brow of this hill. The main hiking trail continues down towards the horse barn with options to Jasper and Maligne Road. Return to the parking area by retracing your way back to Pyramid Overlook and then descending. You can alternatively start on trail #2, and just keep making right hand turns. This should take you to the Overlook as well.

Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook 2 - Hike Jasper

Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook Opening Trail

Athabasca Overlook Hiking Route:

From the hiking trailhead, take the #2 trail towards the left. After 70meters, cross the main trail, hiking straight ahead on trail #2 towards Jasper where another path enters from the corral. Turn left, away from trail 2, and follow the hiking trail just outside the corrals. Follow the fence for a short distance.

Stay on the main hiking trail, which is crossed by several other paths. Climb a short hillside where a trail joins from the right.

Return avoiding that path as it is longer and can lead to wrong turns. Just continue hiking up the hillside, staying on the crest and avoiding the trails that lead off left. After viewing Lake Annette and Lake Edith, hike away from the top of the hill for a short distance, returning to the crest.

Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook Trail

A major hiking trail goes left; keep straight ahead on the hillcrest of the main hiking trail towards a second junction, where the main trail turns left. Keep hiking ahead to the right on a less obvious trail a short distance uphill to the best viewpoint of the unsigned overlook.

To continue hiking to the Pyramid Overlook, return to the main trail and turn away (right) from the scenic hillside. After you reach the junction with Trail 2A at a map sign, turn uphill to the right for half a kilometer where the path turns uphill left to Pyramid Overlook.

Scenic Pyramid Lake, Popular wedding site, Picnic area, Historic buildings, Lovely bridge, etc., is also right at your feet.

Pyramid Lake and Athabasca Overlook 3 - Hike Jasper

Patricia and Pyramid Lakes - Hike Jasper

Pyramid Mountain from behind Pyramid Overlook - Hike Jasper

Pyramid Overlook Hiking Trail Map

Pyramid Overlook Trail Map