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Because Snake Indian Falls is such a highlight, we would say you could hike back from there instead of going on to the campgrounds 40km away from the trailhead. The hike to the awesome Thundering Snake Indian Falls is about 30 kilometers, so you will either have to plan on starting very early, cycling, or overnighting it.

Snake Indian Falls Hike or Bike

Hiking Distance A little over 30 km. one way.
Hiking Time It would take a long full day one way, depending upon people and natural factors.

Getting to Snake Indian Falls..

The Snake Indian Falls hiking trailhead is down Highway 16 to the Celestine Lake Road, 13.3 km east of the Icefields Parkway. Follow the main road just under 30 kilometers to the parking area at the gate. This narrow road has blind corners and is very rough. The traffic is one way after this, so please observe the "in" and "out" times. The one way schedule is: hours in, 8-9, 12-1, 4-5; hours out, 10-11,2-3,6-7.

The Snake Indian Falls Hike..

Start your hike to Snake Indian Falls from the parking area. Follow the obvious road across Snake Indian River on the Bailey Bridge. The bank is a little loose in places, so be careful on the far side.

Now, hike past the junction towards Moosehorn Lakes on the right and continue hiking on the road to the old parking area where Celestine Lake Road turns off to the right. Keep straight ahead past the gate. Without counting all the small hills, you will hike up a climb of about 350 meters to almost the 14 kilometer mark before descending steadily towards Shalebanks Campground. Hike up a second hill, descending down again to Seldom Inn Campground.

Almost here! Proceed west towards Snake Indian Falls which can now be heard from the road. Snake Indian Falls is just over 100 meters west of the road. Enjoy the highlight of this hike!

Depending upon the season, Bears have been known to frequent the Snake Indian Falls areas at times, so please be Bear aware on Your hikes.

Snake Indian Falls Satellite View