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Hike Maligne Canyon Ice Walk 2024 Hike Jasper's Maligne Canyon Ice Walk in 2024

Hike Jasper

Explore Maligne Canyon's beautiful Winter rocky maze of sculptures and ice caves with spectacular frozen waterfalls.

Jasper's Maligne Canyon Ice Hike

Spectacular icicles and frozen waterfalls hang along Jasper's Maligne Canyon rock faces.

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Hike Jasper's Maligne Canyon

Wildlife on Jasper Hikes

Along with nature lovers that enjoy hiking in Jasper, wildlife emulates Canada's "wild at heart" spirit. Please Respect their home and give Jasper's widlife lots of room during Hikes.
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Bighorn Sheep Rams Get Energized as Rut Season Chemistry Changes
Bighorn Sheep Rams Get Energized as Rut Season Chemistry Changes. As Ewes come into Estrus, Bighorn Rams heighten their energy expenditure in an effort to grow their species with the best genetics. Here is a glimpse of several Bighorn Sheep locations as the Rutting season kicks up a notch.

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