Horseshoe Lake

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Horseshoe Lake


Hiking to Jasper's Horseshoe Lake will take just a few minutes. Cliff edges overlooking water at the end of this short hike are very interesting.
Hiking Distance      about a 1.5km loop.
Hiking Time      It only takes 25 minutes to hike horseshoe lake's circuit.

Getting There
Leaving Jasper at the lights, follow highway 93 south just under 30km to horseshoe lake hiking trailhead.
The Hike
Enter the forest from the parking area, hiking to a small open area in just a few minutes. Just after this point, you will have options to hike left or right.

Hiking to Jasper's Horseshoe lake's higher cliff edges can be found on the trails that proceed right. There is a small network of hiking trails to explore.

Trails that offer hiking more northerly will bring you close to the water edge. This Jasper hike offers a number of small bridges, very interesting views, high cliffs and very clear waters.

While it only takes a short time to hike this unique Jasper location, you will want to take your time to enjoy this site.

People have been seriously injured while cliff diving or slipping off of horseshoe lake's steep cliff edges. Please be careful.

Jasper's Horseshoe Lake Hike Satellite View

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