Hiking in Jasper National Park.

Trail Conditions in Jasper National Park

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Trail Conditions in Jasper National Park

Updated: June 7th, 2018 May. 16th, 2018: Elk calving season - Mothers will protect their newborns by kicking and charging at people. Keep at least 30 m away and keep your dog on a leash.
April 2018: Bear Warning - Be bear aware while out hiking in Jasper, as they are also in the valley bottoms right now.

The Skyline Trail       Fair Conditions

The Bald Hills       Snow at Elevation

Opal Hills       Snow at Elevation

Overlander Trail       Good Hiking Conditions.

Old Fort Point       Good Hiking.

Jasper Discovery Trail       Good Hiking recommended.

Bighorn Alley       Good Hiking.

Red Squirrel Trail       Good Hiking.

Wapiti Trail       Good Hiking.

Lac Beauvert       Good Hiking.

Lake Annette       God Hiking.

Lake Edith       Good Hiking

Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls       Good Hiking.

Disaster Point       -

Hiking at Edith Cavell Meadows       Closed.

Maligne Canyon       Good Hiking.

Pyramid & Athabasca Overlook    Good hiking.

Snake Indian Falls       -

Valley of the Five Lakes       Good hiking.

Whistlers Mountain       Snow at elevation / Muddy.

Palisade Lookout       -

Devona Lookout/Celestine Lake       -

Wabasso Lake to Skyline Trail       Snow at Elevation

Cottonwood Creek       Good hiking.

Hiking to Jasper House    Good Hiking

Verdant Creek and Pass       -

Vine Creek       -

Saturday Night Lake Loop       - Good Hiking

Virl, Dorthy and Christine Lakes Hike       -

Jasper's Horseshoe Lake       Good Hiking.

Geraldine Lakes       -

Sulpher Skyline       -

Search and Rescue
Be Prepared for Diverse Weather Conditions and Always Let Others Know Where and How Long you Will be Hiking in Jasper.

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