Hiking in Jasper National Park.

Trail Conditions in Jasper National Park

Trail Conditions in Jasper National Park

Updated: April 27, 2017 March 17, 2017: Area Closed around trail 7a: To allow undisturbed movement and hunting by wolves in this critical winter wildlife corridor.

The Skyline Trail       Winter Conditions.

The Bald Hills       Snow covered.

Opal Hills       Snow covered.

Overlander Trail       Muddy Conditions.

Old Fort Point       Good - Muddy Sections.

Jasper Discovery Trail       Good hiking.

Bighorn Alley       Good hiking.

Red Squirrel Trail       Good hiking.

Wapiti Trail       Good hiking.

Lac Beauvert       Good conditions.

Lake Annette       Good conditions.

Lake Edith       Good conditions.

Beauty Creek to Stanley Falls       Fair hiking Conditions.

Disaster Point       Snow covered.

Hiking at Edith Cavell Meadows       Winter Conditions.

Maligne Canyon       Fair Conditions.

Pyramid & Athabasca Overlook       Snow covered.

Snake Indian Falls       Poor Conditions.

Valley of the Five Lakes       Good Conditions - Muddy sections.

Whistlers Mountain       Dangerous Conditions.

Palisade Lookout       -

Devona Lookout/Celestine Lake       Snow covered.

Wabasso Lake to Skyline Trail       Snow covered.

Cottonwood Slough       Fair hiking Conditions.

Hiking to Jasper House    -

Verdant Creek and Pass       -

Vine Creek       -

Jasper's Horseshoe Lake       Good Conditions.

Geraldine Lakes       Snow covered.

Sulpher Skyline       Snow covered.