Moose Lake Loop

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Moose Lake Loop


The Moose Lake loop trail stays mainly in Jasper's woods. Thousands of years ago, half a billion cubic metres of rock fell from a ridge on the other side of Maligne Lake, blocking the valley and enlarging the lake to what we see today. Spectacular landscape can be witnessed among the overgrown debris of this landslide.

Moose Lake Loop at Maligne Lake - Hike Jasper
Hiking Distance      It is 2.7 km to complete Moose Lake loop.
Hiking Time      It will take 1 to 2 hours to hike Maligne Lake's Moose Lake loop.
59 m Elevation gain.

Moose are commonly encountered near Maligne Lake.
Moose encounters at Maligne Lake - Hike Jasper

Getting There
Follow Maligne Lake road to the end (44km). The trailhead starts at the Bald Hills kiosk.

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