Jasper House

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Jasper House


Jasper House is a Historic Fur-Trade Point of Interest.
Hiking Distance      4.8km from the Gate.
Hiking Time      The hike will take just over an hour to get there.

An early winter travel Pic near the site of Jasper House by Horetzky, 1871.

Getting There
To get to the hiking trailhead, you drive along highway 16, going east until the Snaring / Celestine Lake Road (13km east of the Icefields Parkway Lights). Follow this main road 23km to the CNR access gate.

The Hike
Your hike starts from the CNR gate. Hike down the gravel road towards the railway and accross the tracks going east. You will find a clear hiking trail that goes south. Hiking this trail will take you through open forest. When you reach a large clearing, you are in the presence of deep Jasper history. If you find a low mound, you will be standing where Jasper House's Chimney once was!

Try to imagine the fur-skin covered coats worn in the early 1800's by Jasper Hawes, Michael Klyne, etc., as their presence accomodated travellers from an era when travelling really meant adventure with obstacles we can only imagine!

Jasper House is said to be the most Famous Historic site in Jasper National Park. Built in 1813, Jasper House was three apartments inside, made roughly of logs. Please respect this tremendously historic site on your hike.

Jasper House Satellite View

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