Lake Edith

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Lake Edith


Lake Edith is another beautiful lake that has a little less traffic.

Hiking Distance      4.9km loop.
Hiking Time      1.5 hour hike.

Getting There
You can reach Lake Edith's hiking trailhead basically the same way as Lake Annette. Lake Edith is simply just north of Lake Annette, along the same roads.

The Hike
The hiking trail is a little bit away from the shorline, among the trees. Just follow the roadway around the lake, proceeding to the shoreline whenever. Hikers do have legal access to the shoreline, but there are also private cottages around this lake, so please be respectful of personal property.

We have come across Bears near Lake Edith so please be Bear Aware While Hiking this Area.

Lake Edith Hike Satellite View

Lake Edith Loop Hiking Trail Map
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