Vine creek

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Vine creek


Forested Hiking Trail.
Hiking Distance      8.2km.
Hiking Time      About 2-3 hrs.

Getting There
Follow Highway 16 from the lights East 13.3 km to the gated gravel road called Celestine/Snaring Road. Follow this rough road 13.9km to the gate. Observe the In/Out one way driving hours. Continue another 1.7km to the Vine Creek hiking trailhead.

The Hike
Hiking from the road, go a short distance up the trail and then hike to the right, heading uphill.

You will hike up a fairly steep trail. Hike accross the creek on a bridge and go up stream. Just before a ford, there is a hiking path that goes to the left, another very short distance back to another bridge. After this little hiking detour, go a very short distance; you will notice a main hiking path once again.

Hiking towards the pass will reveal a small campgroung in the trees to the right.

If you keep hiking, the trail will open up offerring Roche De Smet views.
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