Verdant Creek and Pass

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Verdant Creek and Pass


Apline Meadow Hiking.
Hiking Distance      11 km to verdant pass.
Hiking Time      Just under 4 hours to hike to Verdant creek.

Getting There
From the traffic lights near Jasper, go on the icefields parkway. Drive 6.8km to the 93a turn-off. Drive south 5.2km turning onto Edith Cavell Road. Drive another 12.1km to the Tonquin Valley Hiking Trailhead.

The Hike
You can additionally use the hike to gain access to climbing Mount Edith Cavell.

Hiking from the Astoria Trailhead towards Tonquin Valley, hike past Cavell Lake. Hike up the mountainside, turning right, avoiding the outfitters' horse corral.

Hike on this main trail for 4km to a well marked hiking trail. Hike up the hill to the left. If you hike too far and reach a wood bridge, simply hike back to this point.

You will be hiking on Verdant Creek Trail. After hiking about 3 and a half kilometers, the hike will open up. Near the end, you will climb up and enter the basin at the base of Mt Edith Cavell. Hike to the right on the fathest grassy knoll.

Verdant Pass is found by hiking accross the hillside to the other side of the lake. High water? - Hike accross on the hillside. You will know you are at the pass by noticing two large ponds.

Hopefully, you made mental notes, so the hike back is easy.

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